Grobard & Associates, Inc.
, a contingency search and recruiting firm, is a client driven company primarily representing the client in the search and recruitment of talented and qualified personnel to fill their position openings. Being a contingency search firm, we always receive payment for a placement by the client – never by the candidate.

Our Process

Step One

  • Our process begins with what is known as a job order, an order from the client that describes the position opening and the type of individual they are looking to employ.

  • Once this job order, with a full description of the required qualifications is received, we begin our search.

  • At this stage we are in touch with the hiring and/or human resource manager to establish the exact profile of the person they are looking for.

  • After understanding the client’s wants and needs we concentrate on matching only those candidates that have passed our strict evaluation process to be sure they are a fit. We will not waste the client’s time by referring candidates that do not qualify for the position.

Step Two

  • We exhaust every tool at our disposal to source the qualified candidates for each job opening. We first search our vast database for those candidates that possess the necessary background and qualifications for the position to be filled.

  • Our search also includes obtaining referrals from those successful people currently in the industry, direct recruitment of those individuals in the client’s specific industry and recruiting potential candidates that are not necessarily looking for a new position. We will also use the Internet to source qualified candidates.

Step Three

  • After resumes are received from candidates, they are reviewed for content and accuracy. The candidates we feel are a suitable fit are then evaluated – they are subjected to a very intensive and thorough interviewing process. Only those that pass the interviewing process will be considered as a possible referral to the client.

  • We will then have dialog with the hiring official about the candidates we feel are a superior fit – those we feel will excel and have the potential to contribute the very most to the client. We will not waste the client or candidate’s time by just haphazardly forwarding resumes of those that are not qualified – we will not refer a candidate without his or her permission.

Step Four

  • After the client has selected those candidates that he or she feels are qualified, we begin arranging and coordinating the interviewer’s schedule.

  • Prior to the interview we coach and prepare the candidate for the interview process. One of the very important steps in the process is to have the candidate research our client company and the products or services they provide.

  • We guide the candidates through the interviewing process providing them with information on what will be required from them when they are interviewed. When a candidate is being interviewed, he or she will be fully prepared for any eventuality – ultimately saving the interviewer considerable time and effort.

  • Our follow up on situational questions is second to none as we remain in constant contact with the client and candidate throughout the interviewing process.

  • The time consuming procedures we follow are a benefit to both the client and candidate. The client benefits by receiving a number of qualified candidates from which to choose - the candidate benefits by being fully prepared for the interview.

For more detailed information on “how we work”, please email us at or call us at 770-271-1828

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