There are two types of search firms – Retainer and Contingency. It is important to note that neither charge prospective employees. Grobard & Associates, Inc. is a Contingency search firm. We are engaged by the employer to assist with their employment needs. There is no cost to you as we receive payment from the employer when the candidate is hired.

Our area of expertise is placing quality sales professionals in the Pharmaceutical, Medical, Medical Device and Bio-Medical industries. If you are looking to advance your career in these industries and have 2 to 4 years of successful sales experience, you will not waste your time by contacting us. Generally speaking, we cannot help entry-level candidates and new graduates that have no work experience. We can help those individuals who meet our client’s job requirements.

Our associates have many years of professional experience in their industry specialties, and can offer a wealth of information to help you advance your career. Any and all contact information provided us is kept confidential. No resumes or information will ever be released to a client without permission from you, the candidate.

Our primary objective is to satisfy our client’s requirements by providing them with qualified candidates for positions that they may have available. In order to accomplish this, our first step is to be able to present you for an interview to find out if you’re the right person for the job. They will determine your potential and determine whether or not you will fit into the company environment. Your approach to the interview should be focused on the objective - getting a job offer.

For more information on interviewing techniques please contact us via e-mail: or call us at 770-271-1828

Candidate Services

This section provides a few tools that will be of some help as you advance your career. Should you need further assistance please feel free to contact any of our consultants for additional help.

Resource Description
Mortgage Qualifier Determine how large a house you would qualify for at today’s mortgage rates.
Salary Calculator Determine how much you would need to earn in your new location to maintain your current lifestyle, and more.
Moving Calculator Use this link to help you budget your move.
Rent or Buy Calculator This calculator will help you determine whether you should own or rent.
Relocation Wizard If you are relocating this wizard will help you with the
Relocation Crime Lab Compare crime statistics in over 6,000 cities.

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