Welcome to Grobard & Associates, Inc.
, “the career advancement source”. We are an experienced executive search and recruiting firm specializing in supplying quality sales professionals to clients in the Pharmaceutical, Medical, Medical Device and Bio-Medical industries.

We offer our proven successful track record as true recruiters to our clients by supplying them with highly qualified, motivated employees and to candidates who wish to advance their careers in their respective industries.

Our process is not a “hit or miss” happening – it is by design! Every client’s product and need is thoroughly researched – every candidate is evaluated for fit before submission to the client. This time consuming procedure allows for a reasonably high job order to placement ratio thereby satisfying both our clients and candidates.


Mission Statement

Grobard & Associates, Inc., an executive search and recruiting firm, pledges to maintain and exceed the expectations required by our client companies by providing them with the strongest and most talented candidates in their respective industries. We have in the past and, will continue in the future to provide a quality workforce for our clients by providing professional searches and presenting only those candidates that standout and excel in their skills.

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